Ashley adopting Cher 2Adopting a pet is a very exciting time.  The staff at the Chester County SPCA wants the process to go as smoothly as possibly so that you enjoy selecting and welcoming your new family member.  Here’s a list of things to bring with you in order to complete an adoption:

  • A current driver’s license
  • Copy of your lease or proof of home ownership
  • Necessary fees for adoption
  • Appropriate handling items for the animal that you are adoption: a carrier for a cat or other small item (available to be purchased at our shelter) or a collar and leash if you are adopting a dog (also available to be purchased at our shelter)

Other things to consider:

Choosing the right dog or cat:

Please note, you do not need to be a resident of Chester County to adopt from us.

We strongly encourage all members of a family to come and meet with any pet being considered., being that the addition of a new pet is, in our eyes, the equivalent of adding a new family member.  We also recommend that potential adopters be mindful of lifestyle, level of activity, work situations, and living situations when deciding which dog or cat is right for them.  Many of our dogs will need a great deal of exercise as well as training, so make sure that energy level is a consideration prior to adopting.

Additionally, if you would like to help our animals with a donation of items that the shelter needs, please visit our Wishlist page.  Items as simple as gently used towels and blankets go a long way to helping our animals – and if you have the means, there are several items you can purchase that would be a huge help to our animals.