Do you ever wish you could have someone to watch over you?
Someone to take care of you and keep you from harm?

Someone like a Guardian Angel.

Hi! My name is Sam, I’m an Australian Cattle mix they tell me. I’m a happy girl these days, but it wasn’t that long ago that I was down on my luck. Someone in my family had allergies, so I had to go. Luckily, I ended up at the Chester County SPCA (or CCSPCA as I call it) where I was welcomed with open arms and loving hearts. I got a nice place to rest my head, it was warm and dry with three meals a day! And the highlight of my day was a walk from the staff. For a temporary home, it didn’t seem too bad. I mean, I wasn’t going to be there long. I’m a cute girl, surely someone would take me home soon.

But the days passed by and so did hundreds of prospective owners. I’m a bit older and didn’t realize that most people want a pet that’s younger. The CCSPCA staff made every effort to help me find a new home. I was appointed “pet of the month” with my photo proudly displayed in local newspapers, and I even got to go on “ dog’s day out” ventures with volunteers. But still I sat, and before I knew it, two months had passed while I waited for my new family to find me. I felt all alone, until I learned that I wasn’t the only guest who’d been around for a while.

sidebar6.jpgTake my friend, Sisi. She’s a Mastiff and typically a big girl, but when the CCSPCA Animal Protective Services rescued her this past February, she was living alone on a windy hilltop, in three feet of snow. With no food, water, or blankets she was neglected and malnourished and weighed only 70 pounds. That’s not very much for a girl of her kind; she should weigh around 150 pounds!

Then there’s my friend Marcus, he fell upon bad times too.He was lost and didn’t know where to go when the CCSPCA officers found him. He had an infection in his paw and couldn’t get around too well.

cat.jpgYep, Sisi, Marcus and I became friends pretty quickly as we watched other animals around us go home with new families. After awhile we learned our way around, but we also learned a few other things. Things that made us worry, like the rising costs of cleaning supplies, food, veterinary care and medicine. Things that add up to a lot of kibble! Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, we learned that the CCSPCA is a non-profit organization and they get no funding from federal, state or local government. With over 5,000 helpless animals passing through their doors each year, how could they care for us and keep us?

Then we learned about the Guardian Angel program where people just like you can care for us. You can still make a difference even if you can’t adopt us or volunteer your time. Because of Guardian Angels like you, Marcus, Sisi and I were able to stay and receive the care we needed. Because of people like you, Sisi was nursed back to health, went into the Foster Care Program, and has now regained her health and happiness. Look at her, she now weighs 95 pounds! Isn’t she a beauty?

bulldog.jpgBecause of Guardian Angels like you, veterinarians were able to treat Marcus’ infected paw and he too was able to enter the Foster Care Program. He was just recently adopted.

And because of people like you, I had a place to stay until my new family could find me. I now live with my new mom and dad and have three feline siblings. I’d like to say that since I left the CCSPCA I never look back, but I do. I look back and worry about my friends that are still there along with the dogs, cats, rabbits and all sorts of animals that come in each day. Some of them may be there for a while, just like I was, or perhaps, they’ll need medical attention like Marcus. I wonder if they will have a Guardian Angel who will help with the expense of their stay. A Guardian Angel who will make sure that they have a place where they are safe until their new family finds them.

Sisi, Marcus and I are happy and healthy today because the Chester County SPCA took on the role of Guardian Angel. Will you be a Guardian Angel and make a difference?

For more information or if you have any questions please call 610-692-6113, ext. 215

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