Family Pets Killed

The Brandywine Valley SPCA offers reward
for information leading to an arrest

WEST CHESTER, PA (April 1, 2016) –On Thursday, March 31, 2016 the Brandywine Valley SPCA was alerted that a dog was missing from his home.  The family and BVSPCA Lost & Found team began a search to safely return their boy, Buddha to his Downingtown residence.  While the family was searching for him, their other resident dog, Oliver went missing from their yard, presumably to search for his companion.

Some hours later, the family received word from a crew worker on Sawmill Road that two dogs fitting the description of their beloved family members were found lifeless in an embankment near their home.  The owner discovered her two pets, stripped of their collars and identification, and immediately called authorities.

Shortly after state police arrived, BVSPCA Animal Protective Services unit met the group.  The owner states that the APS investigator “kindly documented all details of the incident, completed necessary forms, and carried our pups to his van with such respect, just the opposite of the killer(s) who slaughtered and disposed of our dogs.” The aforementioned crew member noted that an unfamiliar black pickup truck was parked nearby on the day the dogs were found.

As 13 year residents of Downingtown in the quiet, wooded neighborhood on Sawmill Road, Ollie and Buddha’s owners are shocked to have an act so violent and cruel occur in a place where they found such comfort and ease.  The BVSPCA is just as alarmed that this would occur in an otherwise safe and secure part of Chester County.  Adam Lamb, CEO of the BVSPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the perpetrators.  Shelter veterinarians are performing an examination for the investigation and APS is continuing to work with State Police.

The BVSPCA cautions residents to be vigilant with their pets and direct any information to the APS Humane Law Enforcement Officer at 484-302-0019.