Some of the most important work we do is investigating cruelty cases and rescuing the animals involved in them. Our staff includes several Humane Society Police Officers who investigate and respond to complaints of animal cruelty and neglect.These complaints include animals that are chained outside without proper shelter, food, or water, animals who are beaten, starved, left in abandoned houses or yards, or victimized by other forms of cruel treatment. We handle almost 400 of these cases every year. Without intervention by the Chester County SPCA, many animals would be forced to endure months or years of suffering with no one to come to their aid.

For more information on how to make complaints of animal cruelty, neglect, or abuse Report Animal Abuse now.


The following area of the Pennsylvania Statutes are sections that relate to dog or pet ownership in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Dog Law (Act of 1982 P.L. 784 No. 225) PDF Format

Pennsylvania Dog Law Enforcement Web Site

Commonly Asked Questions about Act 151 (Dog Law Reform)

Dog Bite Regulations